Greater Houston Stamp Show

2018 Exhibit Awards

(NOTE: These are last year's awards. As soon as we get pictures of the 2019 Exhibit Awards, they will be listed on this page). 

These awards were especially made for the 2018 Greater Houston Stamp Show and the Single Frame competition by Houston Studio Glass, Inc. 

Kathy Poeppel and Richard Moiel are proprietors of Houston Studio Glass and have prepared glass art awards in the past for the GHSS. 

More information on their studio can be found here:

                          Multi-Frame Grand Award: 

Large blended vase in shades of dark purple.

 Multi-Frame Reserve Grand Award: 

Wide, round lavender vase.

 Single Frame Grand Award:

 Wide-topped purple vase.

 Single Frame Reserve Grand Award:

 3-inch diameter purple cat's eye glass paper weight.